Monthly Archives: March 2010

Myths About Drug Addiction

Most of the people do not know the facts regarding drug addiction and have many wrong notions which causes them many problems. Myth: Drug addiction is voluntary. Fact: First drug use might be a choice, later drug changes the chemistry of the brain and leading to the uncontrollable need for the drug. Myth: Useful drugs … Continue reading Myths About Drug Addiction

How Hybrid Cars Works?

One of the major means to understand the advantages of hybrid cars is having knowledge of how they work specifically. Hybrid cars consist of a gas engine, an electric motor and a huge powered battery. The battery supplies energy to the electric motor, which in turn get energized by regaining energy which is generally lost … Continue reading How Hybrid Cars Works?

How Barcode Wristbands Help In Sample Management Of Patient

The biggest benefit of using bar code wristbands in healthcare environment is not only in terms of amount of information stored, but also in how they facilitate the information to be demonstrated and recorded. Using wristbands with barcode labels, as long as information is recorded correctly at the time of admitting, nurses, doctors, medical assistants, … Continue reading How Barcode Wristbands Help In Sample Management Of Patient

Recent Trends In Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of hiring qualified candidate for the required vacant position in the organization. The basic steps involved in recruitment process understand the requirement, sourcing the right person, interviewing, and selecting the candidate. Recent trends in recruitment are: Outsourcing: Outsourcing firms will provide talented candidates for the required position in the organizations. The … Continue reading Recent Trends In Recruitment