Different Types Of Watering Equipment

There are different types of watering equipment depending on size and arrangement of garden. Most commonly used watering equipment are watering can, hose and sprinklers.

  • Watering can:
    Watering can is most basic watering equipment, which is a simple bucket with a spout (to spray) on one side and a handle at the top. For watering indoor plants, it is easier to use watering can rather than bringing a hose house. Watering cans are some times ideal for plants that need a specific or measured amount of water. For some elegant work, watering cans are the most useful tool.

  • Hose:Hoses are general items of watering equipment which are not only used on their own to water entire gardens and lawns, but they can also be used with other attachments that modifies or improve their functions. Hoses can be fitted with heads that can change the flow of water making a powerful and direct stream or numerous gentler streams or a fine shower. Depending on watering techniques, different settings for hose heads are designed.

  • Sprinklers:
    Sprinklers are also common pieces of watering equipment, which can be attached to hoses or can be established using another water supply system. They guide water in a fan or circular motion and have capacity to water plants and land, covering dozens of feet away from the base on their own. If they are set on with a timer, they supply water at regular intervals covering large areas.

Some greenhouse plants require regular watering, while others require humid air conditions. For such types of plants, there is watering equipment that waters regular mists (showers) of water. Attached heaters can create the perfect humid conditions that the plants require to survive.