The facts of loosing weight after giving birth

Everything in this world has two aspects on is side – good and bad; after enjoying the feeling of giving birth to little one’s there is one side effect, putting on lot of weight on your body. Most of you get busy with routine of the baby and find no time to concentrate for reducing the weight.  Some baby mothers have some myths about loosing their weight after pregnancy and it can be challenging for them. The following are few myths and facts issues related to loosing weight after pregnancy.

Most of them feel that cardio is very good for loosing the weight but actual fact is that cardio helps in muscle toning but not in weight reduction. Strength training with weight can help in improving tone your muscles and can reduce the weights with in week this is not a permanent solution. After few days you will put on extra weight. Concentrating on only one form of exercise may not be good for her health and can be like placing all eggs in one basket.

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