Symptoms of diabetes

In a study it is found that many people are suffering with type-2 diabetes. In both type 1 and 2 symptoms are similar. In America “Diabetes mellitus” is the common disease.

It is estimated that around 13 million Americans are affected with diabetes. When you are affected with diabetes you feel thirstier than the normal condition and you will also lose weight day-by-day.

Without doing any work you feel tired and drowsy. If there is a change in blood, you will also get skin infections.

You will not have clear vision and you feel hungrier because of more amount of insulin is produced in your body.

In type -1 diabetics, glucose level in your blood increase due to deficiency of insulin.

And type-2 diabetes occurs when the blood cells turn out to be resistant to insulin. If you neglect these symptoms it may lead to heart attacks.

I would advise you if you feel any of these symptons, it is better to consult the doctor if not it may leads to many other health diseases.

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