One for every three minutes: Rate of the diabetic diagnosed

How long does it take for you to complete eating one average sized chips packet?

According to what I have found, the rate is 10 minutes. By this time 3 persons would have been diagnosed with diabetes somewhere around the world.

The rate of people diagnosed with diabetes has risen from one for every five minutes to one for every three minutes recently. According to Diabetes UK, there are 2.5 million people, only in Britain, who have been diagnosed with diabetes, and around 5, 00,000 people who don’t know that they have diabetes.

And in US the rate of new cases has surged to 90 percent high compared to the previous year. What adds up to this condition in US is the ever-increasing number of Obesity cases as well of sedentary life styles.

The most common type of diabetes is the type-2 diabetes, which is closely related to Obesity.

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