Equipment Used in Yoga

Beginners to yoga can have more benefits from different yoga equipment which will comfort them when doing difficult poses. When yoga is practiced at home or with a group, yoga equipment is used to have comfort and develop flexibility and strength.

Clothing: When practicing yoga, clothing which is comfortable should be worn. Shirts must be form-fitting but should not be tight enough to restrict movement in any direction. Even though yoga is generally performed with bare feet to make a stiff connection with the ground, in cold weather yoga socks must be worn which will not slide along a hard floor.

Yoga Mats: As yoga is usually practiced on a hard surface, everyone should place a mat underneath them in order to cushion spine and knees and other sensitive areas.

Yoga Belt: It is also called as a strap, and helps in increasing flexibility by enabling a deeper stretch. A yoga belt is generally used for doing forward bends.

Yoga Blocks: Blocks (generally made of a spongy material) are used in various ways. When a person bending forward is unable to touch the ground, keeping a block under hands will provide more support and balance. Blocks are also used to comfort the knees when posturing in a cross-legged position or to provide support to the back when performing various exercises of the back bend.

Balance Ball: A balance ball is a soft ball which is used in several abdominal and back exercises. It is a good method to make a back bend.

Sand Bags: Sand bags are used as extra weight to particular areas of the body at the time of stretches, aiding with posture. They are also useful for flexible people who require an extra challenge.