Industrial Process Fans Applications in Food Processing Industry

The food processing has been recently displaying a phenomenal growth rate on a worldwide basis. There is fierce competition between various entities operating in this sector.

PA fanTherefore, it has become more essential than ever before that the best processes are adhered to, so that there is no compromise on quality of the end product reaching consumers. For achieving this purpose it is recommended to initiate usage of industrial process fans as one among the major key initiatives.

Here, it is worthy of special note that, several processes are involved in this sector (food processing), beginning at the raw material stage and going all the way till the finished product. The manufacturing unit is entailed to follow topmost standards for all these processes, from the perspective of hygiene and quality.  Moreover, presence of harsh chemicals and severe humidity are inevitable in most of the food processing units. This makes the industrial fans much more necessary for these places!

What types of fans are used?

fd fanNormally, the food processing industry depends on the centrifugal fans. This is because; here the devices should be able to provide both enhanced airflow and also high pressure. Or else, the freshness of food items will not remain intact for much time and in long run; this gravely affects the company’s profitability.

If a food processing plant is committed to minimize maintenance expenses and enhance safety of workers, setting up the right process fan/s is imperative. In this connection, the companies/plants are advised to focus more on the long-term benefits rather than the initial cost.

Applications:   Along with other practices, the industrial process fans play an extremely crucial role in taking care of the all-important aspects of hygiene and quality. Let us now have a basic understanding of the various applications of these fans, in the sector of food processing.

  1. SA FanMovement of materials: In these units (of food processing), there is an almost continuous movement of huge volume of materials from one point to the other. Here, it is important that there is an appropriate process fan that incessantly generates clean air, towards the materials.
  2. Drying: Industrial fans having higher pressure of air are very much essential for units where drying is one of the processes. Drying is critical for places where there is movement of fruits, vegetables and meat, etc, to check bacterial proliferation. And, a process fan helps in realization of this objective.
  3. Cold storage: For food processing plants having cold storage, the industrial fans are of paramount relevance. The fans make sure that the humidity, temperature, etc, are constantly at the required level. This, in turn, is a guarantee that there is no margin of error, during the entire process (of cold storage).
  4. Industrial centrifugal fansRemoval of fumes: In units where there is emission of toxic fumes, the health of employees is seriously jeopardized if proper remedial measures are not initiated. One of the most important of those measures is installation of industrial process fans. These devices remove those fumes and make the environment free of all toxins, in no uncertain terms.