Stainless Steel Industrial Process Fan & Its Applications

FD fansThe importance of stainless steel industrial process fans can never be overstated. These are the fans that bring about the flow of gas in a manner so as to enable pivotal functions such as ventilation, aeration and cooling, among others.

The process fans come in different categories based on design of port, capacity of flow and electrical ratings, etc. In this regard, the precise application for which the fans are intended to be used is significant, too.

Generally speaking, the industrial process fans are of two varieties: Centrifugal fans and axial fans. Let’s have a brief glance at these two types of fans.

  • Centrifugal fans: As suggested by the name itself, the rotating disk’s centrifugal force is what these fans rely upon. In relation to position of the disk, the blades are at right angles to facilitate smooth passage for gas/air.  For a centrifugal fan, the airflow’s path gets altered two times: while the airflow enters and again while it exits.
  • Axial fans: Unlike the centrifugal variety, there is no direction change for the axial fans, which come with a centrally-located rotating hub that ensures unhindered flow of gas/air. Typically, the diameter of an axial fan wheel could be anywhere from 0.3 meters to 9 meters.

Centrifugal fans are further divided into several sub-categories like air foil, radial blade, pressure blowers and backward inclined, to name a few. Likewise, tube axial fans, cooling fans, mixed-flow fans and vane axial fans are the sub-types of the other category (axial fans).

These are some key points pertaining to industrial process fans:

  • The primary difference between varied types of process fans is based on the rate of airflow and pressure.
  • The ratio related to inlet and outlet pressures of the system needs to be considered, prior to choosing a specific fan for the given purpose.
  • Centrifugal fan is used by industries where the quantity of flow as well as the pressure has to very high.
  • Industries where the only requisite is amount of airflow and not its pressure usually go with the axial fans.

Industrial fans are of immense value to numerous realms like manufacturing, food processing, distribution and agriculture, to cite a few. Few of the key applications of the stainless steel industrial process fans are:

  • Reduction of heat
  • Removing dust
  • Purifying air
  • Getting rid of noxious fumes from the place
  • Handling of materials
  • Drying

Benefits of fans made from stainless steel

The industrial process fans made from stainless steel have several benefits, when compared with their counterparts made from other materials. Some of those advantages are:

  • Stainless steel industrial process fans are extremely robust and are thus able to endure the rough environment of industries.
  • In fact, their design is such that, in the event of any technical snag, the same can be fixed in a very simple manner. It in no way necessitates detailed study of any complex subject!
  • Using these fans is an excellent way to prevent materials from getting contaminated.
  • Stainless steel fans render yeomen service to industrial units emitting gases filled with acids or salts.