Knowing about Ventilation System

Industrial ventilation system is the process of circulating air inside the industry that of withPA Fan the outside in order to make industrial air breathable, maintain adequate moisture, odor, smoke and maintain heat level. Ventilation also includes circulation of air within the building. It is one of the important factor of maintaining a good indoor air quality inside a building. It can also said as a mechanical system which is used to control exposure to airborne contaminants. Industrial systems are designed to move a specific amount of air at a specific speed which results in the removal of undesirable contaminants. While all ventilation systems follow the same basic principles, each system is designed specifically to match the type of work and the rate of contaminant release at that workplace.

Ventilation system is the most important feature for any industry which helps to make the environment more suitable for working. The two main types of the ventilation systems are dilution type and local exhaust type. Both serve in a different manner according to their PA Fansneeds. Ventilation system is very predominant in all manufacturing industries such as alloy industries, automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry etc.

Even the though the main purpose is to supply fresh air, it must also provide adequate cooling affect in the working area. Some important parts of the ventilation system are cylindrical tubes, fans, hoods, shutters etc. The ventilation system must prevent the formation of make-up air. Make-up air is the amount of air that is to be replaced when the contaminated is removed. If enough amount of make-up air is not supplied to the work place then the people may suffocate.

Working of a Ventilation System
The working of the ventilation system is nothing but attaining equilibrium pressure in the region and it can be achieved by removing of the contaminated air by introducing fresh air inside the work place. There are certain standards of having a ventilation system in workplace such as the mechanical design of the work place, area of the work place, number of people working in the work place etc. We can also see ventilation systems in submarines, where the amount of oxygen levels have to be maintained constant. In these applications the main purpose of the ventilation system is to remove excess carbon dioxide and fill it with fresh oxygen. Ventilation system is also applied in households where a single exhaust fan is installed to remove the heat from the house.

Main Purpose of the Ventilation SystemCentrifugal blower

  • To provide a continuous amount of fresh air from the outside.
  • To maintain adequate temperature and humidity levels.
  • Reduce the fire hazards up to some extent.
  • To remove the dilute and airborne contaminants.
  • To maintain required oxygen levels in submarines.