Know Whom to Hire – Security Officer or a Security Guard

People often think that security guards and security officers both are same, but it is not. Though both are protectors, but the job profile, training and the duties of both of them differ from one another. So, would you like to know the difference before you hire any one? Then reading this article will help you a lot. To know more information on this continue reading.

Security officers
Security officers are senior people who are rigidly trained in using weapons efficiently. They are trained to handle emergency situations that may happen anytime. They people will have team of security guards who work under them. Mostly they work in public places like banks, museums, colleges, malls, etc. Security officers have to pass many fitness tests and get certified to become a security officer. People who are employed as security officers are experienced. They have more responsibilities than security guards.

Security guards
Security guards are mostly employed in corporate offices, residences, apartments, etc. They are employed to protect the life and property from the criminals or thief’s. Training given to them is different from the training given to security officers, Security guards are trained in such a way they need to identify dangers and safeguard people and property. They are also employed to handle the CCTV’s and metal detectors. With this they will monitor the environment to suspect the suspicious elements which is the crucial part of their duty.

Guards employed as security guards at corporate office, residences should have good communication skills and they are uniformed. Guards have limited duties than security officers. Security guards have minimum training required for the job and they don’t even need much qualification rather than communication skills to get hired. Both security guards and security officers must be licensed and trained to get into the job. The pay scale varies for both of them as the qualification and training alters.

Before you hire a security personal check what’s the purpose of hiring and then move forward. Hiring them is easy, but you need to select a good security agency for hiring them to get the security you need.