Limitations of the ventilation system

tunnel ventilationIn nature everything has limitations, likewise ventilation system also has its limitations. The limitations occur when there is excess expenditure on the system, due to mechanical Mal-function or due to the system failure or may be due to any other reason.

Require ongoing Maintenance

  • The ventilation system requires a regular and ongoing maintenance in order to ensure the correct working of the system.
  • This must be carried out in a regular and periodic manner for the good functioning of the system.
  • Some parts of the system with sliding pairs or reciprocating parts require frequent lubrication, and frequent cleaning is also necessary in places like air cleaner blower.
  • The ongoing maintenance will cost some amount to the organization.
  • During maintenance of the parts of the system, we come across different types of particles in the different sections of the system and these impurities must be disposed properly.

System Deterioration

  • This occurs when the parts of the system are exposed to the toxic gases, dust particles present in the air and they make them corrode beyond recovery.
  • When these parts get corroded, there is only one way to ensure our system to perform properly i.e. to replace them.
  • Thus replacing a part will impose some cost on the organization. Likewise in industries that deal with high temperatures or high pressures, they cause the parts to get distorted or deformed.
  • In some cases though the parts are fine there may be deterioration in the cylindrical tubes which can cause leakage of the contaminated air into the working atmosphere.
  • There are some expensive parts such as air cleaner, blower costing high may also get damaged after some period of time. When these parts gets deteriorated we cannot reuse them. So, this causes an extra loss of money to the organization.

Routine and Regular Testing

  • The main purpose of the ventilation system is to maintain the adequate amount of air inside the work place.
  • This is done by maintaining the amount of airflow in the system. So, the airflow is to be tested regularly in order to know the working condition of the system.
  • The measuring of the airflow consumes a time when performed on a periodic basis.
  • If we do not measure the airflow rate regularly inside the ventilation system this can cause a suffocation to the people working inside the working area.
  • The solution to maintain the regular airflow is to regularly clean the parts which contain the dust particles and the corners where the dust particles are trapped.
  • The measuring devices which are used to measure the airflow rate are also costly.
  • After complete testing of airflow rate we have to compare the results with the previous results in order to maintain a good rate of the airflow.
  • The other quantities which are to be tested are relative humidity, cooling effect that the ventilation system provides.
  • These can be measured by the aid of the different equipment available.

Requires a skilled person for monitoring

  • The regular maintenance of the mechanical parts involves a skilled person to rectify the problem.
  • If we use an unskilled person the outcome of the result will be different when compared with that of the skilled person.

Even though ventilation system has some limitations, an industry requires good ventilation system to run smoothly.