Laser Gum Contouring: Procedure & Benefits

Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure that evens out an uneven gum line for giving a smile one can be proud of. This surgical treatment is also called as tissue sculpting or gum reshaping.

Causes: Numerous things cause your gums to be too high or too low. Gums that covers up a large portion of your teeth makes your teeth look small.

  • This can be the result of a particular health problem, genetics or by taking certain prescription drugs.
  • Gum recession is a condition in which the gum tissue is pulled back from the tooth and exposes its root. It may not only make your teeth long but also lead to serious dental issues such as tooth loss and dental decay.
  • Gum recession may also be one sign of periodontal disease in which the deterioration of the supporting structures teeth occur.

Treatment procedure: With the advent of laser dentistry technology, by using certain tools such as diode laser the gums of the patient can be sculpted to perfect their smile in a simple, fast and painless procedure.

  • In laser gum re-contouring process the mouth of the patient is numbed by giving a local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort.
  • The dentist then by using a diode laser cuts off the excess gum tissue and sculpt a uniform gum line.
  • Using diode lasers lessens the bleeding and reduce the chance of causing infection for patients.
  • The entire gum lifting procedure gets completed in just one sitting at the dentist.

Recovery: After the gum lifting procedure the patient may experience swollen or sore gums that last up to week.

  • One should consume soft food and avoid spicy foods for few days after surgery.
  • While flossing and brushing ensure to be as gentle as possible.

Benefits: Patients having uneven gums or gums extending to cover up a significant portion of teeth are candidates for laser gum contouring.

  • A professional cosmetic dentist will reshape the gum line to reduce the amount of gum that’s visible when you smile, lengthen the teeth and to produce a more symmetric gum line.

Risks: Though the risk of complications after or during the laser treatment is low there are quite few problems which may arise and they include: contouring include:

  • Gum swelling
  • Gum bleeding
  • Allergic reactions to anesthetic

By looking at the above article, the causes, procedure and benefits associated with laser gum contouring can be easily understood.