Basic Shared Hosting and Facts about Its Features

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which number of websites are hosted on a single webserver. In shared hosting, each website is given some portion on the server with certain shared resources.

Thus, every website is hosted separately and kept separate from each other. A basic shared hosting plan will come with common features as listed below.

Disk space and bandwidth
In shared hosting, most of the webhosts offer unlimited storage space and the bandwidth. But, you should take care of the tag ‘unlimited’ – in general, what you pay for is what you actually get. So, a good shared hosting provider allots limited disk space and bandwidth according to the plan that you have chosen. So, don’t over estimate and don’t exceed the limits that has been set. It will lead your site to unforeseen problems.

Email accounts
In shared hosting, not every service provider will offer you the outstanding email hosting services. The quality of spam and virus protection, email administration tools vary from host to host. Some hosting plans will have strict limits on outgoing mails to avoid spamming and virus on the web based interface used for email accounts.

Website statistics
Some webhosts will give you the list of website statistics such as traffic stats from time to time. This will be very helpful for your website maintenance. But, even if the host do not provide the statistics, they can be checked using analytics services offered by many third party agencies.

Uptime and downtime
Every webhost will guarantee for 100% uptime. But, in actuality, 100% uptime is not possible. So, you should consider this point that 100% uptime is not possible for all websites in shared hosting. Suddenly, if the number of visitors increases in your site, there can be an expected downtime due to the limited features that you have with your shared hosting plan. So, uptime of the site depends on the website features and its traffic.

Domain hosting and control panel
Some shared hosting plans will offer unlimited domain hosting, in which many websites and domains can be hosted with a single account; and some plans will give you the control panel to access your information, create email addresses etc.

24×7 customer service
Not all service providers are good at customer service. This should be evaluated before you choose the provider, by taking the references from the previous clients’ experiences with the same host. Especially 24×7 customer service is not provided by all hosts.

This is a brief about shared hosting, and the hidden facts about the features of the shared hosting. So, consider all these points and check whether they would meet your website requirements, before your choose a hosting plan.