Essential Functions of Security Guards

Security guards are important at crowded places such as shopping mall, an industry, or any business establishment. Security guards help in preventing thefts, burglary and trespassers at the premisses of businesses, and aid employees and customers.

Security guards’ role involves helping people get alert against threats and risks, and to protect people and prevent damage of property.

Basically the job role of a security guard is not same as the police officer. They need to be alert before the threat.

Following are the functions of the security guard.

Visibility is one of the duties of a security guard. It will help him to deter the criminals. Illegal intruders think twice to barge into a house where a security guard is there. Therefore, the vigilance of the security guard is important for security guards. It prevents potential damage and property loss.

Security guard should stay alert, because he may get harm from other people. So he should always have a keen observation on surroundings. He should have a capability of find threats easily by seeing and hearing and smelling. Because for example if any cable is burning, if he has a great smelling capability then he may find that easily. If anyone having like short sight or long sight they are not good fit for security guards. Because he should have a capability of seeing even from long distances also.

React quickly
Security guards need to react quickly to control the situation, alerting all such as the police, ambulance, fire brigade, if need be. According to the situations he is to react and solve the problem. They may get this capability by handling various situations.

Security guard role is before the situation he need to prevent. After the situation he need to observe and report accordingly. Until he gets confidant that there is no problems. After a disaster he need to report his supervisor about the situation. This may helps to act for the future reference.

Checking and monitoring
Many organizations need security guards. This is because they are skilled in following guide security lines – to check the employee ids and monitor the surroundings. That time security guard is going to do all these works. Monitoring is also very important because no one should enter the organization before having a permission.

Offer cautions and tips
Security guards responsible in a business organization need to give caution employees on potential dangers to prevent security threats or disasters.

They should explain to the employees the situation based and need to give tips to protect themselves when something happens.

These all are very important functions of a security guard.