What Web Hosting is All About?

Web hosting involves bringing your website (yet to be made) live on the Internet. Web hosting is the service which provides space for websites in the Internet. Once site building is done, you need to go for website hosting.

Web hosting service will offer you space on a server, which stored all files of your website. These files are stored in web servers. If anyone types search for your website on the internet, it connects to the web server (one that stores your website files) and transfers your website information to the users.

Web hosting services are available different types. Based on your requirement, you need to select a kind of web hosting service. Before going the types of web hosting services you need to know about what a domain name is.

Domain name
To enable your website to be found on the Internet, you site needs to have a domain name. Domain names are used to find out the websites. The domain name is essentially your company’s Internet address. So, you need to choose a domain name relevant to the niche of your business.

To have domain name for your business, you need to buy one. Domain names are available for a specific time period. To extend the time, you need to buy the service from your web hosting service.

Types of web hosting
Today, different types of web hosting are available. You could choose one of them to meet the hosting requirements of your business. We’ll discuss here two types: shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting.

Shared web hosting
It is one of the most common types of web hosting. Shared web hosting involves a process of sharing same server with many customers. The advantages of shared web hosting are that web hosting is cheaper compared to other hosting. In addition, the hosting company will take care of issues with respect to maintenance and security.

However, there disadvantages of shared web hosting as well – if one of the sites becomes busy because of heavy traffic, or if there is an issue in that site, other sites (including yours) will be affected.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated hosting offers you a separate server for your site and you can keep there all its resources. Dedicated web hosting one server is meant for the your website alone.

Dedicated web hosting is ideal for sites with regular heavy traffic. Like if you have big website which will get lots of visitors every day in that time is is preferable for you. And, some web hosting companies provide security along with the space. However, it costs more than shared web hosting.