10 Preventive Measures for Oral Cancer

Taking preventive measures involves measures taken to prevent or reduce the risk of oral cancer. Here are ten important measures to protect from oral cancer.

1. Oral hygiene
Maintaining oral hygiene prevent you from oral cancer. Poor oral hygiene leads to dental decay which in turn leads to oral cancer. It can be prevented by brushing daily twice, cleaning tongue and flossing regularly. Oral hygiene improves immune system and helps to fight against infections.

2. Avoid smoking
Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco products. Smoking and tobacco products are the major cause for many types of cancer. Chewing betel nuts also has a less risk of oral cancer.

3. Limit alcohol
Limit or avoid alcohol consumption. Especially beer and hard liquor increases the risk of oral cancer. The risk of oral cancer increases in person use smoking and alcohol consumption. The risk of oral cancer depends on the frequency and amount of alcohol you take. The more consumption of alcohol, the more will be the risk of oral cancer.

4. Limit sun exposure
More sun exposure has a high risk of lip cancer especially lower lip gets affected. Lower lip is more exposed to sun than upper lip. This can be prevented by using sun protective lip balms. Avoid exposure to sun between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. because during this time, sun rays are stronger that during other times.

5. Get immunized
Oral cavity can be protected from cancer by immunization. This protects from viral infection. Human papilloma virus causes cancer, so HPV vaccines should be taken to avoid oral cancer.

6. Healthy diet
Healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables which plays an active role in prevention of oral cancer.
Fruits: Take plenty of fruits in your diet. Fruits like grapes, berries protects us from oral cancer.
Vegetables: Vegetables like beans, leafy vegetables, garlic, cabbage and tomato protect us from oral cancer.
Green tea is also healthy to our body.

7. Limit fats
Avoid high fat content foods. High fat foods makes imbalance in the energy in and energy out. It leads to obesity. Obesity increase the risk of cancer.

8. Exercise
Exercise regularly to prevent cancer. It improves immunity and protects from oral cancer.

9. Regular dental checkup
Visit your dentist regularly to check for any cancerous symptoms that you experience in oral cavity. Visit dentist if any sores on mouth that don’t heal within 10 days.

10. Chemo prevention
Oral cancer patients who use tobacco products have high chances of getting oral cancer second time. Chances for cancer in the oral cavity where it could occur include lips, throat and vocal cords. Chemo preventives are the drugs or vitamins used to prevent or block the cancer cells to attack oral cavity.