Mobile Applications Vs. Mobile Website for Auto Dealership Website

When you are thinking about to launch a mobile presence for your auto dealership’s website, the options are either through an app (or application) or the website for the mobile. Before evaluating the pros and cons for mobile apps and mobile website, it is better to understand the differences between these two.

Both mobile website and mobile apps are used by the smartphones. The mobile website is redesigned the actual website to access in the mobile phones. These are having additional facilities like click to call. With the help of browser the user can browse the website when he or she has an internet connection. The mobile application has to be downloaded from the stores like Android, Apple, Blackberry, etc. The app either uses the Internet connection and get the data from a server or it downloads the data at the beginning and it can be use. Lets see which one is suitable for an auto dealership business website.

  • Offline use and data connectivity: In the mobile application, the data is downloaded and stored. It can be used for offline browsing. Even in the browser the user can save the data and can use it even if he does not have Internet connection.
  • Search engine optimization: The search engine optimization for a mobile website can be done. The SEO for mobile website helps to more accurate target to the local are people. But in case of mobile app there is no need to do any search engine optimization. Because the user directly enters into the dealership’s website or other service and accesses the data.
  • Maintenance and updates: The mobile website update and maintenance is as same as a traditional website. You have to update the website in the server. When it comes to an app, you need an approval from the marketplace (ex: Google play). As well the application will not build for only one platform. So you need to update them all. Even a minor change takes a lot of time and resources.
  • Audience reach: A mobile website can be viewable by any mobile user who have a browser and Internet connection to his phone, regardless of operating system, mobile hardware requirements, model, etc. In case of app, it is only to a specific people those who are installed the app. The apps are mostly used in the smartphones only. The mobile websites can view even with traditional phones.
  • Budget: Generally application development will need more budget than to develop a website. Because the website is build one time only. When it comes to an app, you need to build for each operating type and sometimes based on the mobile models also.

Mobile apps will give more interaction to the user than the website, but both have its own advantages. If you have a good budget and patience to update and maintenance of applications for your dealership, you can develop the app, otherwise try for a mobile website.