Seasons of Florida

diethylhexyl butamido triazoneWhen it comes to seasons, Florida is usually warm. It is for this reason that Florida is called ‘Sunshine State’. There is not much difference in the seasons of Florida. The climate of north part of Florida is usually humid whereas south Florida has tropical season and a very low temperature range throughout the year.

Seasons of Florida
Following will help you understand the seasons of Florida.

  • Summer: This is one of the longest seasons and extends to about six months from May to October. During this season, it is very humid and you feel uncomfortable. Areas in coast are beneficial because of the sea breezes. Thunderstorms are common in this season. To avoid getting hit by thunder lightening, it is better to take precautions and schedule your work accordingly.
  • Hurricane season: June is the month of beginning for this season and extends till November. The peak months of hurricane season are September and October. Hurricane are violent storms with highly destructive force. They start formed on ocean waters that are warm and move slowly causing severe damage. Some hurricanes are much stronger and are believed that this hurricanes have blown many tropical plants of Florida from west indies. During this season, you need to pay attention to the weather forecast to make yourself prepared.
  • Winter: Winter of Florida is not really cool as it is a combination of winter and spring. This period is known to be Florida’s dry weather season. During this season, Floridians turn off their air conditioners and open windows to enjoy fresh cool air. Still there are hotter days during this season. North Florida can be cool and sometimes freezing. However, snowfall is extremely rare. The winter months extend from November to March/April.

The best time for visiting Florida depends on your interest. Reptiles and mammals are easily seen in summer, but alligators can be seen throughout the year. This is why this state is also called as Alligator State. If birding is on top priority, winter months are the best especially January and February.