Assessment of the Candidate’s Ability to do the Job

Assessing and selecting a candidate for the job is a complex process, as any negligence or weak assessment can cause hiring of candidates who are not suitable for the job profile. Consider the following things while assessing a candidate for the job:

Assessing the candidate based on performance and competence
Consider assessing the candidate based on the results of past performance and behavior. Also assess about the competence for the position that is targeted. This can be done with the help of interview guides and other assessment methods such as presentations, panel interviews, etc. For instance, an applicant is made to look at the case study and is asked to explain what he/she will do about this case. Or he/ she will be asked to perform some job functions for showing their level of competence. When functional assessment is done, be sure that you treat all the candidates equally to avoid discrimination claim.

Assessing the candidate based on behavior
Assessing of behavior is done to find out actual behavior of the candidates rather than the words they speak and the interviewer’s feeling about them. Following are some tips on assessing the behavior of the candidate:

  • Make sure that you ask questions about candidate past work instead of telling them what they have to do. Knowing about the past work can get best results about the behavior of the employee.
  • Simple traits and statement of future actions are not focused in the interviews for the employees that are behavior based.
  • The behavior that is noted during assessment should be observable and verifiable. It should be something that is visible and can be checked out.

Assessment of candidate based on soft skills
Assessing the candidate’s soft skills is essential. Soft skills involve the following:

  • Body language: Some attention should be paid to the unspoken language that is body language. It helps in determining the confidence level of the candidate. It helps you to make out whether the candidate is prepared with standard response or they take it very easy. The way the candidate is sitting, standing or moving is the body language that should be given attention. This can be the best ways for assessing any candidate when interviewing.
  • Verbiage: This involves listening the way the candidate is answering or telling a story. Many interviewers do not pay attention to the tense ( past or present ) when the candidate is speaking. The candidates who has experience of work talk in past tense whereas inexperienced candidates may talk in present achievements.

These are the simple things that tells so much to the recruiter. Be sure to pay attention to these things during the interview, it improves the quality of hiring.