Signs and Symptoms Showing the Need of Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root canal treatment (RCT) is an important procedure to restore functionality of the affected teeth. There are certain symptoms that are obvious to the person and the dental professional, which show RCT is essential. In this article, we will discuss these symptoms briefly.

Root canal treatment becomes compulsory if following symptoms are there.
Conditions needing RCT – symptoms you are likely to notice on your own

1. Tooth pain: It can be very mild or severe. The pain may vary with changes in your body posture (from standing up to bending over and from bending to lying down). You might experience the pain come only when biting. In some cases, the pain may last for hours. However, sometimes there are no symptoms.

2. Gum tenderness or swelling: The amount of swelling varies from very little to a major one. It may even extend to your face or neck. In some cases, the swelling is relatively minor and localized. On your gums, a pimple like drain for pus might be formed.

Root canal symptoms that are obvious only to a dentist
1. Identifying problem of teeth with x-rays: The dentist examines and X-rays the tooth and discovers the problem of the tooth. X-rays test shows the clear picture of the problem in the tooth. With the help of the x-ray, the dentist will tell you about the treatment.

2. Occurrence of gum pimples: There may be formation of pimple like tissue on gums, which indicates that there is an infection that needs to be treated. It is usually located at the tip of the tooth’s root. Their size may increase over time on a daily, weekly or even monthly cycle. As they are drains for pus, they have a bad taste. thus indicating a problem.

3. Discoloration of the tooth: The tooth’s nerve may be affected because of an accident. Its results may be seen after some years. Slowly without showing any clear symptoms. As a result, the tooth Hence, the tooth shade is darker than other teeth. This is often the main reason the dentist will doubt that the tooth requires root canal treatment.

4. Tooth’s nerve is visible: The dentist is able to see the tooth nerve clearly during examination, and as a result they will tell you that the tooth needs a root canal treatment. If there is any infection in the tooth, the nerves associated with the tooth are clearly visible.

Making a self Diagnose may misguide and stop some people taking treatment during that stage when a simple, cheap and easy repair might have been made. Avoid this mistake – if you notice any of the symptoms listed above, you should contact dentist soon. If you have a tooth that shows symptoms, you need get checked by dentist as early as possible.