Hurricane Season of Florida

Florida is known for encountering hurricane season annually. No matter where you stay in Florida, whether in north, east or west coast or in central Orlando, you could be hit by hurricanes. Hurricanes are violent storms with strong winds that can cause severe damage. The hurricane season begins in the month of June and extends until November. September and October are the peak months for hurricanes.

Hurricane protection tips for the residents of Florida
Pay adequate attention to weather forecast to make yourself well prepared. Following tips can help you protect yourself against hurricanes:

  • Safeguarding your car: Comprehensive auto insurance cover helps you protect your car from the damages that can be caused by hurricane season.
  • Shutters act as a first line of defense: Even if your house is well constructed, a house that has no shutters can’t be a better place to stay at during this season. Without this type of protection, your house windows can get easily smashed by the debris. As soon as the wind enters in the house, the roof gets quickly teared off.
  • Going early if you are planning to leave: If you are deciding to leave the place you are residing before hurricane season, be quick in leaving the place.
  • Talking to kids and not scaring them: Much before the beginning of the hurricane season, parents should explain to their children about hurricanes, its effects, dangers and safety measures that can be taken when hurricane comes.
  • Extra precautions for students: Make sure to take extra care and precautions for school going children. They should be educated on hurricanes and precautions they should take during the disaster.

Hurricane protection tips for the visitors
Tourists who visit Florida during hurricane season should take certain precautionary measures. Following are some precautions to safeguard visitors from effects of hurricane.

  • Choosing spots that are on lower risk: It is better to choose low risk spots when visiting Florida during this season. However, there are not really safe places. However, in Dutch Caribbean that is close to Venezuela the Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao Islands are considered to be the safe ones. Trinidad and Tobago also lie below the hurricane belt.
  • Choosing a mobile resort: Cruise ships can be a practical way for visiting Caribbean when there is a risk of hurricane, because they can easily be rerouted if there is threat of a storm.
  • Choosing a resort that has hurricane weather guarantees: There are many resorts that offer protection against hurricane like super clubs, Starwood hotels and resorts, Wyndham resort and many more.
  • Booking with a company that gives weather protection: Travel packagers like, Apple vacation, Funjet and many more companies offer holiday protection.
  • Considering to buy weather insurance: Travel insurance purchased independently comes in different forms like cancellation of trip or interruption of trip. However, offering weather protection is very rare feature of an insurance coverage. It is better to check with your insurance company or travel agent.

Hurricanes are common in Florida. Every year hurricanes affect different sections of the country. However, taking appropriate precautions can save precious life and property.