Know Tips to Maintain Oral Hygiene

As we all know, poor oral hygiene may affect the general health, you need to maintain good oral hygiene, which is not only give you healthy and charming smile but also gives confident and help you in maintaining good general health. Following good oral hygiene also helps you keep your mouth and teeth every time fresh and clean and also help you in preventing the dental problems like bad breath, gingivitis etc.

Recent research shows cardiovascular diseases are directly linked to heart also the other vital organs of the body. By following simple tips you can maintain oral hygiene.

  • You should change your tooth brush on regular basis for every two to three months. If you won’t do so, you are adding the risking transferring more bacteria into your mouth.
  • You should clean your tongue with a tongue scraper, as the food particles and residues are not removed perfectly by using the tooth brush. This may affect the teeth causing the tooth decay and bad breath.
  • You should avoid coffee, tea, soda, red wine etc. for maintaining white teeth. If you can’t, rinse the mouth immediately after having them that may help you in preventing straining your teeth.
  • You should eat detergent food like carrot, apple, celery, popcorn, and that are crisp or firm to help clean your teeth when you eat them.
  • You should floss your teeth regularly, it is better if you do it in the morning as the mouth full of bacteria. You can carry a flossing wire in your wallet or bag, so that you make flossing as your regular habit.
  • You should gargle with apple vinegar that may help you in removing strains, whiten your teeth and also kill bacteria which are present in your gums and mouth.
  • You should brush your teeth, when you wake up in the morning and before going to the bed at night.
  • To maintain good oral hygiene, you should consult dentist at least once in every six months.

Following these tips, you can keep your teeth healthy and can also maintain good general health.