Things to Consider when Buying Medical Equipment

Medical equipments are a set of instruments that help in diagnosing, treatment, researching and home care. They are mostly used in hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic centers, therapy based treatments and sometimes at home.

Before buying a medical equipment, a few things should be considered, so that you get the right piece and good quality medical equipment. To help you understand how to choose and determine the medical equipment, read the following things to consider.

Shelf life – It is the expiry date of an equipment. It is very important to check the shell life, if the expiry date is near, it is advisable not to purchase it, because over a period of time it will lose its functional property. Many factors play an important role in extending the shelf life of a equipment. Stability, infection by microorganisms, environmental conditions also contribute to shelf life.

Stability – Stability is retaining original properties, and not getting fluctuated by external factors. Stability is decided by testing the physical and chemical properties of the medical equipment.

Physical properties – Physical properties include resistance to temperature, heat, etc. The medical equipment should not show any variations when exposed to high temperature or heat, it should be able to withstand any climatic conditions.

It should be free from microbial contamination – This aspect plays a major role when deciding on the medical equipment because the equipment is of no use, if it is contaminated by microbes. Microbes lead to many serious health issues in patients. A recent report by a news channel states that dialysis machines used for diabetic patients have been contaminated with hepatitis virus leading to liver toxification.

Function specific – The equipment has to meet all the requirements for which it is designed, for example, a diagnostic equipment should be able to detect the disease, monitor equipment should assess the condition of the patient, laboratory equipment should be good with testing and researching and therapeutic equipment for treating diseases.

Low risk – Despite taking all the necessary precautions, there are some risks that cannot be ruled out. The frequency of risk imposed should be relatively low. It should not undergo any changes during transportation.

In case of home medical equipment, it should be easy and comfortable in using by any individual. The medical equipment should be manufactured using good quality materials.

Taking into account these points, check the equipment, and if you are completely satisfied with your decision, go ahead to purchase it.