Importance of Personal Alcohol Breathalyzers

It is known that alcohol abuse is most common among Americans. Along with adults, these days it has become more prevalent among the teenagers. This has alarmed the need to check alcohol abused people to prevent associated traffic accidents. Using breathalyzers is one of the best ways of detecting alcohol abuse. An alcohol breathalyzer detects the amount of alcohol in your breath. These devices are used at schools, corporate organizations, and many other places. However, a personal alcohol breathalyzer helps you in checking the level of alcohol content in your body on your own. Here are some details that reflect the importance of personal alcohol breathalyzers.

Drinking and driving is dangerous
It is known that driving under the influence of alcohol results in many dangerous effects. Alcohol minimizes the ability to perform more than one task at the same time. The drunken people have blurred, double vision and cannot see distant objects. Alcohol also reduces the brain’s ability to respond immediately to any change in the environment. Because of these effects, the driving skills of an alcohol abused drivers are impaired. So they cannot perceive the traffic signals or sounds, and do not respond in time. This has increased the risk of many fatal accidents.

Many innocent people have become victims due to drunken drivers. Though alcohol consumption is detected legally by traffic and law enforcement officials, it is better to use personal breathalyzers to check whether you are in a condition to drive. They ensure your safety while driving. They also prevent you from the legal consequences of being held by the officials.

How alcohol breathalyzers work?
An alcohol breathalyzer detects the alcohol concentration in your breath. Advanced breathalyzers use the technology of infrared spectroscopy to detect its consumption. When an infrared light is passed by the device through your exhaled air, it measures the amount of absorbed infrared light by various molecules of the breath. Different molecules react differently to the infrared light.

So based on the reading of absorption, the composition and concentration of alcohol is detected. The level of blood alcohol content (BAC) is then determined by some calculations. Apart from this method, semiconductor, electrochemical fuel cell technology and many others are also used by various breathalyzers.

How to operate a personal breathalyzer
Personal breathalyzers are very easy to operate. The user is allowed to blow steadily and strongly into the mouthpiece of the device for about two to five seconds. The device measures the amount alcohol in the air and then calculates the BAC. This result or the level of blood alcohol concentration is displayed on the device.

Personal breathalyzers are easy to use
The main purpose of personal breathalyzers is to determine alcohol levels in your body easily. They are available in various portable styles and therefore can be carried anywhere. Most of the parents also check the alcohol abuse among their kids at home. The design of the personal alcohol breathalyzers is so simple and hence can be used easily.

The process involved with the use of breathalyzer is not complicated. It also takes very less time. So it can be used at your home, office or any other outdoor location. If you consume alcohol at parties or any other place, you can just take the breathalyzer from your car and test yourself. If you find that the BAC level is equal or greater than 0.08, better avoid driving. You can also provide breathalyzers when you host a party so as to ensure the safety of your guests while returning.

Personal breathalyzers provide quick results
Personal breathalyzers display the level of blood alcohol concentration. They provide quick and accurate results. You need not wait for a long time to look and analyze the result. Many alcohol breathalyzers are using digital display methods these days to provide the result.

Personal alcohol breathalyzers serve the purpose of alcohol testing at any place. They are available in different models at affordable prices.