What are Fluorosis Stains on Teeth?

Fluorosis stains are the stains that are formed on the teeth due to the too much consumption of fluoride in the early child hood and this fluoride is permanently incorporated into the structure of the teeth. These stains appear as a spots in the form of white or brown colors. Mostly fluoride occurs naturally in the water supplies but if it contains less amount then extra amount will be added and adjusted according to the required amount. But whereas in the villages, the water in the wells contains excess amount of fluoride levels where you will see high levels of fluorosis storage in the teeth. Or it can happen if children swallow excessive amounts of fluoridated toothpaste.

Excess intake of fluoride may damage the tooth-forming cells which can lead to visible discoloration, pitting, chipping, fracturing and decay of the teeth. Due to this, it may show an adverse effects like psychological embarrassment and stress, reduced self esteem and emotional health, career and on children.