How to Maintain Glass Countertops?

Glass countertops are no exception to bring a distinctive appeal to your kitchen. They are found in different styles, textures, and colors. They are suitable to your modern kitchens and however, need some careful maintenance.

Daily cleaning of the glass countertop is necessary to ensure that they look clear. It is easy – water or mixture of soap and water can make it clean. However, remember to avoid acidic cleaners as acidic components etch and damage the glass. Also, do not use abrasive materials and cleaning tools such as steel wool or other scratchy items. This is because, glass is more prone to scratches. So, you cannot even cut the vegetables directly on these countertops. Make sure that you use chopping board to protect the surface. Always clean the water or liquid split on the glass countertops immediately with a soft cloth to avoid water spots. These tips help to maintain its hygiene as well as shiny appeal.

Glass countertops are prone to chipping and cracks. So, one needs to be careful when handling them. Don’t drop heavy and sharp objects suddenly on the glass surface. Though a thicker glass countertop can support your weight, don’t sit or allow your kids to sit on it.

Following these tips, you can prevent damage of the glass countertops and prolong their life. It is known that they are costlier when compared to any other countertops. So, it is very much necessary to ensure proper maintenance and care to enjoy their functions for a long time.