What are the Advantages of Choosing Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roofing tiles are one of the significant developments of the clay industry and are used alternative to clay. Concrete is used as building material. It is formed by a mixture of cement, sand, small stones and water. Concrete tiles are available in several colors and textures.

Advantages of concrete roof tiles are

  • They have a long life span.
  • Resistant to hail and high winds, concrete is a non combustible material.
  • Concrete roofs provide high level of insulation.
  • Concrete roof tiles are fairly economic.
  • Concrete is readily available. Its production is regularly done and in large quantities as it is easy to manufacture.
  • They are available in a wide variety of profiles.
  • Concrete roofs prevent the risk of damage from fire, termites, fungi and water damage.
  • Improves energy efficiency of a building by keeping it cooler in summer and warm in winter.
  • They require low maintenance and resistant towards rotting and deterioration.
  • They become harder as they age.
  • Concrete is also highly adaptable and can form many shapes, texture and colors.
  • It is safe to walk on concrete tiles, but still care should be taken to avoid breaking or cracking.

Concrete roof tiles can last for a life time of 50 years. The surface texture of the tile can be either smooth or rough. Concrete tiles are available in both standard weight and light weight. Light weight tiles are susceptible to breakage and hard to walk. Concrete roofs when properly installed are costlier than asphalt shingles.