Types of Space Heaters Based on Their Working

Instead of opting for centralized heating, today home owners are preferring space heaters which warm up limited space. Various types of space heaters are available which are used for specific purposes. Based on the mode of working, space heaters are of two types, namely, convection and radiant heaters.

Convection space heaters are those which warm up the air in the room through a mode of heat transfer by fluid molecules such as air or water. Air passes through the heating element of these heaters and gets heated up. The heated air comes out of the heater and rises up, allowing the cool air in the bottom to enter the heating appliance. Some heaters also have fan which forces the heated air out. The temperature of the air in the room, therefore, rises gradually providing warmth. Convection heaters are most suitable to provide constant, diffuse heat in well-insulated rooms.

Radiant heaters are the other type of space heaters which emit infrared radiation. These heaters have a specific heating element which aids emission of infrared radiation that is distributed throughout the room. The radiation, upon striking objects and individuals, converts to heat. So, radiant infrared heaters provide direct heat to people in the space. Also, you need not wait till the whole air in the room gets heated up to experience warmth. Electric infrared heaters are the popular heaters used these days. No energy loss is evident with radiant heaters. Both convection and radiant heaters have their own pros and cons. Therefore, better understand their features before purchasing one for your home.