Energy Saving Features of Electric Space Heaters

Among a wide range of choices of space heaters, electric space heaters are the ones that have been popularly in use today. They are efficient in providing warmth. As they are space heaters, they heat up only a limited space and thereby enable saving energy as well as heating costs. Whereas, in centralized heating, heat is provided to even unwanted areas of your house and leads to wastage of energy.

The innate feature of space heating itself is the greatest energy saving feature of electric space heaters. In turn, several other features like thermostat and timers which are included in them also enable saving energy. Traditional and old electric space heaters do not have thermostats. However, today’s advanced models include a thermostat which ensures constant heat in the room and also saves energy. A thermostat turns off the system when the required heat temperature is reached. So, it avoids overheating of a room. At the same time, it is helpful to assure that electricity is not wasted.

Some of the electric space heaters are also equipped with timers. They give a greater degree of control over the warmth of a room. Instead of running the heater continuously, you can set the timer to start heating a room when required.

Choosing a right-sized electric space heater also helps you to save energy. Electric space heaters are available in various sizes. Determine the area to be heated and then choose the heater. Having too large heater in a small space is not relevant which may end you up in huge cost. Therefore, keep in mind that you should choose an electric space heater having the above mentioned energy saving features.