Types of Space Heaters Based on Fuel Source

Once winter arrives, it becomes necessary to install a heater in your home. Space heaters are the preferable home-heating options today. Based on how they work, space heaters are of two types-convection and radiant heaters. Convection space heaters heat up the air in the room and the radiant heaters emit infrared radiation that warm up the objects and individuals directly. Specific power source is necessary for these space heaters to work and based on the fuel source they use, they are of various types. Have a look on some of them.

Kerosene heaters – As the name suggests, these space heaters use kerosene as power source. However, improper burning of kerosene may emit poisonous gases like carbon-monoxide. So, they are meant for outdoor heating or places which have enough ventilation.

Oil-filled space heaters – These heaters contain oil as a heat transfer element. It is often mistaken that oil-filled heaters burn oil. This is not true. Oil actually gets heated up and the heat from oil is transferred or radiated to the surrounding space. However, it takes long time to experience the warmth with oil-filled space heaters. Also, they involve high maintenance costs.

Gas heaters – Gas space heaters use gases such as butane, propane or liquified petroleum gas. They may provide heat through convection or radiant modes. Like kerosene heaters, gas heaters may also emit toxic fumes that need to be sent out through proper ventilation systems. So, avoid using these heaters if you do not have right space with adequate ventilation. However, most of the gas heaters are intended for outdoor use.

Electric heaters – They run on electricity, a cheaper and easily available power source. Electric space heaters are available in various designs and models. They may be either convective or radiant. It is safe to use electric space heaters when compared to other types.

It is necessary to understand these different types of space heaters when considering a right home-heating option.