New Privacy Option on Facebook – Pre-approval Needed for Photo Tagging

The team at Facebook always strive to make the site more user friendly and well secured by protecting the important information of their users. It always value the user requests and try to make it as they wish. Here is another such feature which is modified according to the requests sent by many of such users.

Photo tagging is one of the features of Facebook which allows the users to tag friends to the photos they are posting. Any of your friends can add your name to a photo without your knowledge. In some cases you are not aware of it till you find it posted on your page. In the mean while the rest of the people in your friends list views it and post comments. In case, it you don’t want it to happen you cannot stop it, except removing it after posting.

But now you can decide whether your friends can attach your name to a photo before it is circulated. That means your pre-approval of tagging process is really a mandatory thing before it actually happens. This allows to get informed about tagging activities in which you are involved.

According to the sources, it is said that this change was made after considering many requests from the users. They just want to make it easier for the people to share what they really want to. It also added saying that they are planning to make some more privacy changes in the Facebook security policy, so that people will feel more secured to post their photos and personal information.