Java Programming and Its Applications

IoT software developmentJava is a programming language developed by the James Goslings. It is a powerful, portable object oriented programming language. Java is a general purpose, concurrent, class based, object oriented language that is specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. A program written in Java on a PC can easily find its way into many different computing platforms. This makes Java a popular language for application development. It has many applications and it can be used on Web pages, in cell phones and on mainframes all around the world.

Java programming is commonly used for Web based applets. Java applet is designed for deployment within a larger program. These applets are written in the Java programming language, they are commonly embedded within the HTML of a website. Any small, self contained program that can be embedded into a web page and run on a web browser on a small operating system can be written as a Java applet in the Java programming language. These can be used in communication, entertainment, mobile phones etc.

Point of Sale:
Java programming can also be used for point of sale (POS) applications. In the POS process, Java programming is used to create a separate library called Java POS to support electronic cash registers and their peripherals.

Multi threading:
Java programs can perform several actions at the same time, called multi threading. A well written Java program can process data in one thread while waiting for user input in another thread.

Java programming also has its applications in gaming. Java’s graphic library makes it a great choice for simple games. These games run on everything from Web pages to the cell phone.

The above are the various applications of Java programming.