Java Applets and Their Common Uses

An applet is a small application that performs only one specific task, that runs within the scope of a larger program. These are commonly used by the websites to complete a task which is complex or impossible to perform in the web page programming languages. A Java applet is a special case of the applet which is designed for deployment within a larger program. These applets are written in the Java programming language, they are commonly embedded within the HTML of a website.

Following are the uses of java applets:

One of the common use of the java applets is within communication applications, such as instant messaging applications and chat rooms. Java Applet is backed by the environment of the operating system.

Other most common use of java applets is its use in gaming. You might run across Java applets on some gaming portals as, Yahoo.

Educational Tools:
Java applets can also be used as educational tools and they can be used in calculators, money management practice sheet, composition and theory exercise, population growth demonstration charts, time management tools etc. Users can input data, move objects around, manipulate shapes, based on how the developer designs the Java applet to do.

Java applet utilities and productivity software is hosted by a Web server and embedded into the HTML of a website. Java applets can be used in productivity applications such as spreadsheets and word processors.

Mobile Programs:
Java applets are small and light enough to operate in mobile browsers and applications. Java ME makes applets even more appropriate for mobile devices. Due to their relatively small RAM, mobile phones often run Java applets as stand alone programs.

The above is the information about the Java applets.