How to Construct a Compost Barrel

Compost barrels helps to improve the health of the garden and the plants. These barrels also cut down the house hold waste. Building a compost barrel is an easy way and you can create this barrel in a very short time. Constructing a compost barrel needs materials like plastic barrel, screwdriver, hammer, mild dish detergent, leaves and grass clippings, vegetable and plant waste. Compost barrel is easy to construct, hence, we will now know the method of constructing a compost barrel.

Following are the steps involved in constructing a compost barrel:

  • Washing the plastic barrel is important because any residual chemicals in the barrel may harm the plants. So clean the barrel with dish detergent and rinse thoroughly.
  • Create holes at the bottom of the barrel with the help of hammer and screw driver. Create holes in a way such that they should be a few inches apart.
  • Number of the holes depends on the size of the barrel and generally a compost barrel requires 3 rings at equidistant spacing at the bottom, middle and top of the barrel.
  • Next step is to locate the compost barrel, it is better to keep the compost barrel in a place where you can dump your waste easily. Behind or on the side of a garage or shed are great places to place a compost barrel.
  • Next step is to add leaves and grass clippings to the barrel and it is good to add some water to wet the matter present in the compost barrel.
  • Regularly turn your compost pile once or twice weekly and role the barrel so that the compost gets mixed. Use a shovel or pitchfork to prevent the compost from being starved for oxygen.
  • Do not add any animal products, oils, dairy products or animal waste in your compost pile to avoid animals from the compost barrel.

BY folllowing the above steps, one can construct their own compost barrel.