Types and Benefits of Psychological Tests Used in Employee Selection

Some corporate companies spend large amount of money on the recruitment and selection of the new employees. Companies test the applicants in variety of ways before selecting a candidate, one such type of tests is psychological test. Psychological testing of the applicants is increasing and these tests are used by the employers to assess an individual’s work ethic, motivation and mindset when applying for the job.

There are different types of psychological tests used by the companies before selecting a candidate and those are given below:

Aptitude tests:
It refers to potentiality that a person has to profit from certain kind of training.

Intelligence tests:
These tests are used to measure the intelligence of the applicants like basic ability to understand the world around, assimilate its functioning, and apply this knowledge to enhance the quality of work life.

Achievement tests:
It helps to measure the proficiency that a candidate has been able to achieve.

Neuro psychological tests:
These tests are used to measure deficits in cognitive functioning that may result from some sort of brain damage, such as a stroke or a brain injury.

Personality tests:
These are used to measure the basic personality style of the applicants and are mostly used in research or forensic settings to help with clinical diagnoses.

Benefits of Psychological Tests:
With the use of these psychological tests in the recruitment process the employers can select the right candidate for an open position. Skills that are needed by an employer can easily be quantified through the use of these tests as they measure the abilities in a potential employee. Cognitive tests can be used to measure the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of the employees. With the use of some psychological tests, personality of an individual can be discovered, it can be useful in an employment setting to learn ways that employees can interact and work with one another more effectively.