Is Your Scotch Whiskey Safely Stored?

Consuming alcoholic beverages is a fun to most of the people. When it comes to some special drinks like Scotch Whiskey, they are more excited. Of course it is a great fun in enjoying those drinks with our friends, during parties etc. But it is even more essential to store them properly to preserve them for longer period of time.

Here are few storage tips which makes your whiskey safer and better.

No heat: Heat is the foremost enemy of whiskey. Even though minimum amount of heat is required, temperatures more than 70 degrees are not at all suitable for a scotch bottle. Cool places are ideal for keeping them. If you have a basement at your home it is better to keep them there.

Away from light: The lesser the light, the higher the quality of your whiskey. So always try to keep them away from light which decreases its quality and try to put them in wooden boxes and shelves which does not allow much light to fall on them. Light does not mean only sunlight it also includes artificial lighting too.

Keep the lid tight: Once you open the lid of the whiskey bottle it is important to replace it as fast and as tight as you can, to prevent air from entering it. The oxygen present in the air oxidizes the whiskey and deteriorates its quality.

Keep it straight: Unlike wine bottles these scotch whiskey bottles are stored by making their posture in straight up position. If it is placed side ways like the wine bottle, the liquid in the bottle comes in contact with the metal lid and hence declines its quality.

These things of effective storage are enough to enjoy a nice glass of whiskey on your weekend.