What are the Types of Infrared Heaters?

Infrared heaters are the best solution for heating systems that are economical. They can be obtained at affordable budgets. The principle of infrared heaters is to transfer thermal energy into electromagnetic waves which are radiated off the heater. Some of them are absorbed back by the heater and are responsible for creating heat. There are generally four types of infrared heaters. They are listed below.

  • Metal Sheath Infrared Heaters
  • Quartz Tubes Infrared Heaters
  • Quartz Lamps Infrared Heaters
  • Ceramic Infrared Heaters

Metal Sheath Infrared Heaters:
These heaters have a heating core surrounded by a metal sheath. They are tubular in shape and are applicable for conventional use such as ovens. They can be installed easily and are durable for a longer periods. Their cost is lesser when compared to other types.

Quartz Tube Infrared Heaters:
The quartz tube infrared heaters make use of quartz tubes. Wavelength emitted by these heaters are shorter than any other types of infrared heaters. Quartz tubes are used at places where there is a requirement of quick on and off heat source. The installation of these heaters is difficult. The price range is in a medium range. The durability of these heaters is less when compared to others.

Quartz Lamp Infrared Heaters:
Medium-length electromagnetic waves are emitted by quartz lamps. These have a higher power than quartz tubes and hence are used for high-speed production processes. Durability of quartz lamp infrared heaters is longer than quartz tubes. Instant on and off feature is also seen in these heaters. But they are most expensive than any other type of heaters.

Ceramic Infrared Heaters:
Ceramic infrared heaters are more energy-efficient than other types of heaters. They are found to have 96% efficiency in converting electricity to heat. They are durable and used in applications where consistent heating is required. Price of these heaters is not much high.

Based on requirements, various types of infrared heaters can be used for industrial and residential applications.