Care and Maintain Your Table Cloth

Whenever we eat food on the table cloths, definitely some stains would fall and are caused by the spills and messes. In order to take care and maintain your tablecloth, you have to follow below instructions.

First of all remove the tablecloth from the table by bringing corners into the middle to prevent the food items to fall on the floor. Then take the cloth outside for shaking it to remove the food crumbs.

If you find any stains on your tablecloths, soak them or give pretreatment to the stains by applying detergent or sprinkle flour or artificial sweetener and then soak them in the detergent soapy water.

For greasy stains on the tablecloths, apply a solution (mix 1/4 cup of grease-fighting dish detergent with 1 cup of hot water) with a soft bristled brush on the stained areas. This solution is used to remove grease and oil.

Read the instructions on the label of the table cloth for washing. If you didn’t find any instructions on the label you can wash in normal water. If special instructions are mentioned then you give it to a dry cleaner.

For a normal wash, you can wash by hand or you can use washer.

By hand: soak the pretreated tablecloths in detergent soapy water for fewer minutes or hours. Then gently rub with the hands on the stained area. Then rinse with water. Then dry it in a shady place in a reverse side so that the color of the tablecloth will not fade. Remember that never soak the light colored tablecloths with the dark colored tablecloths.

In washer: first sort the tablecloths according to the same washing instructions. Then load the tablecloths in the machine and set the water temperature of a washer. Then add detergent to water. Then load the washer with tablecloths. Set the short or gentle rub cycle for washing and then rinse for several washes to eliminate any detergent in the cloths. Then put it in the dryer for drying.