Know About Ethnic Jewelry

Jewelry is used by the people of all ages. People like to wear different types of jewelries. During the olden days, apart from men, mostly women gave preference of the jewelry. But as of now, both men and women are equally showing interest in wearing jewelry. There are different types of jewelries like ethnic jewelry, costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, imitation jewelry etc.

Now-a-days, people are showing interest in wearing ethnic jewelry. The main reason behind people using ethnic jewelry is that they are mostly handcrafted items. This is often termed as the tribal traditional jewelry. The jewelry with the tribal tradition will have a nice look.

The different things which are used for preparing the ethnic jewelry are beads, cowry shells, wood, leather, horn, stones etc. Mostly, they are used in the tribal areas for their celebrations. Most of the tribal jewelries will be chunky and large enough which has an creative impact.

Ethnic jewelry indicates the symbology of particular tradition. One feels proud of wearing the ethnic jewelry as it resembles their culture and region or the place to which they belong to.

In some of the countries, they even wear the jewelry pieces made of silver, amber and different metals etc. Each and every country has their own pieces of jewelry making materials. Some of them uses silver, amber etc. Whereas, some of the people use animal leather, bones , wood etc., in preparing the ethnic jewelry.

Even the modern women are showing much interest in wearing them and they made them a part of their adornments.

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