Reasons Why Perfume is an Integral Part for Both the Men And Women

The usage started from the pre-historic days but instead of perfume, they used to use cologne. All women and men started using fragrances and perfumes. Because of the sweat problems they started using them. So, as to avoid the body odor they are used. No sooner than they understood its requirement and its usage they started using it tremendously. If a survey is conducted for knowing the statistics of the perfume users, then we will get it as around 80% which is very high.

According to the skin texture perfumes are used by both men and women. Compared to usage of perfume in women the usage is more in men. Because the sweat glands produce more sweat in men. On a whole when a person sits in a cool place, 500 ml of sweat is released. So, as to avoid that odor most of them use perfumes. The mind will be pleasant when we inhale the smell of the perfume. At the same time, it also gives coolness, freshness to us.

Because of the vast usage and depending on the taste and desire of the required person perfume is used. Now-a-days, so many fragrances are available in the market because of the variances in the tastes of the people. But generally they are suitable only for the parts where the body temperature is high. Or else the allergies and itching may occur during this period.

The fragrance of the perfume lasts longer than that of deodorant or cologne.
A general perfume contains 15 to 25 % of the fragrance oil with ethyl alcohol and in the rest the percentages of fragrance oils are very less. Because of the high percentage of fragrance oil, they are used mostly.

So, both men and women prefer using the perfumes and thus it has become an integral part of the body.

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