Small Business

Social Networking Increased Small Businesses Prospect

35 percent of US businesses have used social media to increase their new business, reinforcing the impact that the social networking has on corporations, as per new global survey commissioned by global workplace solutions provider Regus. Anyhow, the US is slightly lagging behind the global average regarding this. The 40 percent of businesses globally are successfully leveraging social networking for business development.

According to the survey, small businesses are less likely to use social networking when compared to the large companies. On comparison with 38 percent of small businesses, 27 percent of large companies got new customers through social media. When compared to 37 percent of large businesses, 47 percent of small businesses use social networking for joining special interest groups.

The US had only 27 percent of respondents who felt that social networking would never become substantial method for connecting with the prospects and customers.

  • A portion of the marketing budget is being used by 28 percent of businesses for only social networking activities.
  • The social networking was used to keep in touch with contacts who contributed to be 54 percent of the respondents which is a bit less than the global average.
  • Around 44 percent of companies in US utilize social networking for getting into special interest groups which is below the global average by 54 percent.