Facts About Marijuana Drug Testing

Marijuana is a illegal drug in United States. It has many harmful affects of users. One can know whether an individual takes the marijuana-drug or other drug by conducting marijuana-drug test. Many people like parents, employers, probation officers and other authority figures conduct the marijuana-drug tests to detect the presence of the marijuana or other drug in the body.

There are many drug tests available like saliva or hair or blood or urine drug tests. These tests tell whether a person has taken drug or not. But, they cannot tell how drug was taken.

Body fluid test: Generally, one can detect the marijuana use by testing the urine, saliva or blood analysis specimens. These specimens are taken from a person, sealed and this is sent to the laboratory to test the specimen to detect the marijuana drug or other drugs. Detection is done after 24 hours of consumption of the drugs in saliva drug test. Most accurate drug test is blood test but it is most expensive one.

Hair follicle test: Marijuana usage can found out by testing the hair follicle after 90 days of taking marijuana or other drug.

False positive on drug test: Sometimes, other drugs which were taken by a person affect the marijuana drug test. Suppose, marijuana drug test can be positive by having prescription antibiotics and pain pills. Before taking the drug test to a person, it is best to know whether he or she is taking any prescription drugs. Physician needs to prescribe these drugs legally and any one should not abuse them.

Time period for detection: There are different time periods for different test to detect the marijuana drug.

Drug tests detect whether a person has taken drug or not, they cannot find out when drug was taken. So in this way, they can be used to find out the presence of the drug in body system.