How much You Pay to Nanny

Nanny is a person who is appointed by parents to provide care for their children, sometimes, they agree to do the house work also. For this parents have to pay some amount to them. Paying salary depends on responsibilities and working hours.

Standard working hours for full time can be 10 hours or 50 hours for week. Mostly, nannies are paid an hourly base. Generally, their compensation depends on qualified candidates, place. Generally, you can pay nanny for full time from $350 to $700 a week.

Many parents pay for health insurance for their nanny apart from salary. If you pay for this, then it provides you financial assistance when your nanny has health problems. If you do not want to pay health insurance premiums then you have to pay a higher amount for weekly or hourly. If she does overtime then you have to pay for that separately.

You can have another nanny for weekends to get help for children. If you do like this, your daily nanny will feel free from overwork. Then you have to pay for another nanny also according to hourly basis. You can pay minimum wage for nanny on hour basis is $10 to 30, this rate depends on nanny and responsibilities of the position and experience of nanny.

Generally, payment depends on some factors like how many children, ages of the children, flexibility and additional tasks and your living place. So, according to these factors you can give salary to your nanny.