Know About Social Effects Of Marijuana On Students

Usage of marijuana is illegal and there are many risks associated with it. Apart from the health problems there are many social , economical effects. Now-a-days, regardless of the age considerations, many people are using Marijuana. Generally, students are mostly getting addicted with the usage of marijuana.

The general health problems may be the panic attacks, anxiety, depressions and hallucinations etc. Apart from these health effects there are many social effects which occur as a result of smoking of the pot.

Mainly these three situations are much affected by the smoking of marijuana.
Learning: The THC component present in the marijuana is the main component which disturbs the functioning of the brain. Because of irregular functions of the brain, the student loses the memory power and also loses his concentration who finally end up with the decrement in the performance because of lack of learning. This will damage their power of critical thinking and learning. Because of lack of good education with lot of behavior changes they will not be accepted in the society.

Motivation: The other effect will be motivation. Because of adverse effects on brain, the student will loose the memory power. Although, he plans to do entire work he forgets to do it. This is because of lack of motivation. So, they will even forget the responsibilities towards the society.

Social behavior: The behavior of the addicted will be extremely odd. Because of the consumption of marijuana, they will be away from their friends, society, they will loose their self respect, they will cause accidents, family relationships will become worse and are isolated from the society.

Because of the above effects, the students will not be allowed to schools or colleges and they will be abandoned by the society sometimes.