Saliva Drug Testing Facts

The usage of the drugs has been increasing day-by-day. So, the need for testing is also increasing. In most of the fields, drug testing has become mandatory because of the increase in the usage. There are many different types of drug testing which are under usage by different authorities in different fields.

Now-a-days, use of saliva drug test has increased, because of the advantages like simplicity, easiness, comfortableness and difficulty in adulteration. Let us see some of the facts of Saliva drug testing.
Facts about Saliva drug testing:

  • Saliva is a form of plasma which can be used for detecting drug abusers. It detects by using the trace amounts metabolites of the drug. This saliva drug testing is also called as the oral fluid drug testing. Oral fluid is nothing but the mixed saliva and some other substances present in the mouth. This mixed saliva is released from the three salivary glands.
  • There are many types of kits which are used for conducting the saliva drug test. Generally in all types of kits, a swab is used. The swab is used for detecting the presence of the drug. The swab is placed in the mouth. Then this swab is tested for detecting the presence of the drug.
  • For each and every type of drug there is a specific time for detection.
  • Alcohol- from time of intake to 12 hours.
  • Opiates-after an hour of intake to 3 days.
  • Cannabis- after a few minutes of intake to one day.
  • Cocaine- after a few minutes of intake to one day.
  • Amphetamines- after consumption to 3 days of consumption.
  • Many advantages like less cost when compared hair, blood and sweat tests. We can get the results quickly and directly. Test can be done anywhere. And we can get the results simultaneously.
  • When compared with the other types of drug tests, this test can only give proper results within a specified time period.

These are the different facts which are related to saliva drug testing.