Different Types Of Hybrid Barcode Data Collection Systems

Hybrid Barcode data collection systems will combine features of both wireless and batch processing. Types of hybrid systems are:

Radio Frequency Systems : Radio Frequency Systems utilize RF signals to attach portable readers to a main computer in an interdependent manner. This provides the benefits of a wireless system integrated with portability. RF is divided into two types. They are:

  • The classic RF barcode device is a portable scanner which will interact with a single receiver that is attached to a computer or terminal.
  • Second type of RF system connects one or more portables to a standard computer network using a RF access point. The access point can move from one point to another which helps in connectivity completely in a large facility.

Batch/Wireless hybrids
Batch/Wireless hybrids utilize local batch processing integrated with a wireless connectivity to a central computer. These works mainly as wireless system, but they can function isolated for a period of time if the central computer breaks down. Most of the batch systems will just upload data to a central computer, but dual mode batch systems will also download data from the computer to the batch system and utilizes it for data verification and other purposes.

Multiple interactive systems
Multiple wireless systems links more than one wireless system to a network. In this method, if one computer breaks down, another computer can still manage critical parts of the system.