Even Mars can be struck with storms

Have you ever experienced a storm? Being caught in a storm is a devasting experience. You can’t even have time to think before some object flies so high in the air to strike you. Before you heave a sigh of relief that it missed you hitting, a lightning strikes just few meters away from you. You won’t be able to see the faces clearly with all that fog on your eyes and can’t even hear to the people with all those high noises of thunderstorms and wind blowing.

Just kidding. This is generally an experience shared with me by a friend’s friend whose friend’s close friends uncle shared with him. But storms are scarier to experience than to talk. There are many storms, which I knew like ice storm, snow storm, wind storm, thunder storm, fire storm, hail storm and even dust storm. Recently I came to hear about Mars storm which is of course in the planet Mars. Unlike storms on our earth which hits only one continent at a time, this storm took over the entire planet.