Batteryless gadgets to bloom in future

Batteries are most essential devices, especially for the gadget users. I know that batteries are so important things, but I am fed up with recharging them each and everyday and their dying every time I have some important work. And every time I come across such situation, I dream of a batteryless world.

I wonder why they couldn’t figure out some thing in place of a battery for two centuries (battery was invented in 1800 by Mr. Volta).

There was a study recently which said that there will be batteryless gadgets very soon. Using these gadgets, you can simply power up your gadgets as you produce light through the lighter. You will have to impose much more effort than just pressing down your thumb on the lighter.

But the day is still so far away. W are still into a trial of running our cars through electric batteries. So, we didn’t even completely learn to use batteries efficiently.