Know About Active and Passive Website Monitoring Services

Website Monitoring services offer a wide variety of monitoring services for the companies which sell their businesses online. They check the performance of the sites also check for the up time and downtime and send timely notifications through email or SMS if they find any problem in the companies website.

Many advanced techniques are used in monitoring methodology, which helps to make reliable and accurate tests. There are two types of monitoring services which are used in monitoring websites and they are as follows.

Active Monitoring: This kind of monitoring is also called as synthetic monitoring, in which a script with common behavioral of the browser navigation is simulated. That script is kept monitored at certain time intervals. During the monitoring process, the response and the performance are measured. With this process one can ensure that before the end user goes through the problem it can be corrected by the web master.

Passive Monitoring: Passive monitoring is also known as real time monitoring. It is a technique which is used to capture traffic from a network by generating a copy of the traffic, which is called as mirror traffic. With the help of passive monitoring we can examine the flows of traffic, can provide the information on top talkers and also can find the TCP round trip time.

These are the two types of traffic which are used to monitor the websites depending on the user requirement. They are much useful for the firms which sell their businesses through internet and who want to increase their revenue through this means. Hence, website monitoring is helpful in checking the overall performance of the website.