Windows or Linux VPS Which One to Choose?

Would you like to start your business with VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting? This is a good choice for your business or a website. However, you may be confused o which operating system to choose in VPS hosting? This is the primary question that most of the people have when they prefer VPS hosting. Don’t worry we can help you out to solve this problem through this article. This article mainly deals with the differences and the benefits that you get through Windows based VPS and Linux based VPS and which OS based VPS to choose.

VPS hosting
Many businesses or website owners opt for VPS hosting because of the amazing benefits they get with the type of OS they choose, that can be Linux or Windows. The features or advantages of VPS hosting is, it is less expensive, secure and provide dedicated resources.

These are important considerations for many business people today and they simply can’t take the risk of not having these services or features. Therefore, many people opt for VPS hosting services. Apart from these features, VPS hosting is also highly reliable, and the plans that you get through VPS are scalable, you will have a complete control in hosting environment etc. and they vary according to the OS you choose. The three major benefits of VPS hosting are explained here.

  • Cost: Though the cost of VPS hosting is little more than the shared hosting, it is less compared to the dedicated hosting with almost similar features as with dedicated hosting. Thus when compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting is much cost effective with abundant or with the resources the user really need.
  • Security: Security issues are important. However, when you opt for VPS, your resources, you will be more secure and the chances of malware attacks are fewer as the VPS servers come with their own security benefits.
  • Dedicated resources: For those businesses that need dedicated resources, VPS is the best hosting service people can get at affordable prices. The dedicated resources include dedicated mail server with dedicated amount of RAM. This is the major concern of many businesses.

VPS can have any of the two operating systems – Windows and Linux
VPS comes with two types of operating systems – one is Windows and the other is Linux. Each of these OSs has its advantages and disadvantages. When you opt for VPS hosting this is the first choice you should make. In other words, whether your business needs Windows or Linux. One of the major factors that make these operating systems differ is Windows is a proprietary whereas Linux is an open source.

Both of the operating systems operate with the same basic functionality – by dividing the physical server which businesses occupy into parts. These parts are used for hosting services. There are a few differences in terms of functionality between the Windows and Linux. The variations depend on the preferences made by the user.

Benefits that you get through Windows VPS are more and they are stated as follows:

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) is the first benefit that you get through Windows based VPS as it is familiar to most people and simple to use especially for the people who don’t have technical skills. As this feature is accommodated with Windows, VPS people feel comfortable and also able manage their website from any location.
  • One of the main advantages with Windows VPS is it supports ASP, ASP. Net script and web pages. People who want to build their website with these technologies can go for Windows VPS. This is the best option because most websites or web pages are based on the ASP and ASP .Net and can’t run without these technologies.
  • Windows VPS is helpful in all Windows based databases like MS SQL an MS Access which is not available with Linux based VPS. This is beneficial, when people need hosting for their ASP or ASP. Net based website.
  • Added advantage of this Windows based VPS is, it gets a good support from Microsoft in the form of .Net technology and Microsoft share point. Microsoft also gives updates with respect to the time. So, if your business relies mostly on the Microsoft applications and programs, this is the foremost hosting service you can choose.

Windows VPS is offered with broader support database, accommodates more requirements and gets regular updates through Microsoft.

Benefits of Linux based VPS are plenty and are as follows:

  • Linux is an open source software system and as it is an open source, most applications or software are available free to download – businesses can use it at no cost. Therefore, when compared with Windows, VPS you can get this Linux VPS plans at lower cost and you don’t have to bear the licensing charges, which you need to pay in case of Windows VPS. If you want a cheaper alternative, you can go with Linux VPS.
  • Linux VPS works with or supports most of the open source programs or technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP which is abbreviated as LAMP. As VPS takes full advantage of all those, pages designed with these technologies are user friendly.
  • Linux provides control panels like Plesk and cPanel. The cPanel helps in consuming less amount of resources and RAM. Thus, Linux VPS is more reliable.
  • As Linux is text-based and needs technical skills, it is complex to use and requires expertise to check the working. As it is managed via SSH it becomes easy for the users.
  • Linux VPS supports databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and it is good for the websites which need the support of this databases.

As it is affordable and supports many features, most people prefer for this Linux based web hosting service.

Having explained the major differences and the benefits of Windows or Linux based VPS, we recommend you to choose the one that satisfies your business or website requirements rather than limiting it with a few or available options for your website.